Inject some ego into your brand.



Trends might transform but enduring brands remain. Take the time to invest in a brand that will last and you’ll have less to worry about as the business grows. We're here to help.


From billboards and vehicle wraps to posters and labels, we help businesses step into the limelight with multi-channel reach and relevant content delivery.


We offer simple and effective digital content that is original, purposeful and correctly optimised, driving people and search engines to read, view and share.


We work with both traditional media and modern software and hardware to bring your creative visions to life. Our range of design and illustration work will simplify your next project.


Whether you're shooting a new range of products, a location or corporate staff, we offer all the expertise and equipment to deliver the image quality you're looking for.


Always looking to streamline our workflow, we’ve now expanded our print facility to accommodate in-house large format printing for all commercial and private applications.


Our Team

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Edgar Ovsepian

Director/Lead Designer
Our resident technical lead and all-round talent is the core of Ego Design. Armed with a qualification in Graphic Design and background in Fine Art and Psychology, Edgar took to the industry with all the gusto and enthusiasm of a young entrepreneur. He kept going, learning and building, and he's proud to call himself the director he is today.

Megan North

Assistant Designer
Megan is an illustration passionate, beach loving, salt & vinegar chip munching, dry humoured, sushi eating, rock listening, cartoon doodling, animal adoring, winter hating, left-handed, coffee fuelled, enthusiastic graphic designer. She handles clients, websites, photography and all things graphic design.
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Ntsika Daki

Senior Designer
A newcomer to our team and a most welcome value contributor, Ntsika has helped carry the business workload and bring the office to life. He's known for working on jobs at home after-hours, even when there's no urgent need, and he carries all the qualifications and expertise necessary to make your next project a warm experience.

Janetta Nortje

Legal Rep
As a qualified attorney, Janetta is there to protect you and your work from a legal standpoint. That means that no one will steal the designs you've paid for, no one will rob you of your money, and no one will leave you with an unfinished project. She handles the entire client/supplier relationship, meaning we too are protected.
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