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Get your point across quickly and concisely with relevant, eye-catching content. With our help you can get the brand value you've been looking for.

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Brand Identity

Spend less time worrying about your brand identity knowing it's in the right hands. We know that trends come and go, so take the time to invest in a brand that will last and you'll have secured yourself for future business growth.


Variety is the spice of life. It's also the spice of marketing. We can help you target multiple channels with consistent, high-quality, relevant content to give you the best brand exposure and reach.


Quality digital content is no longer just about an attractive presentation. Quality content is original, purposeful and correctly optimised information that people and search engines are driven to read, view and share. We offer a wide range of web and app solutions to meet these requirements.


We know it can sometimes be hard to get your ideas on paper. Let us simplify your life. We work with both traditional media and modern software and hardware to bring your creative visions to life.


Funny enough, the camera is one of the least important thing about photography. It’s important to hire an experienced photographer pre-, during and post-production to get the best visual results. Quality work brings quality content. Always.


With a 12-colour pigment ink system and a maximum print resolution of 2400 x 1200dpi, you'll be able to deliver crisp, smart, bold visuals to your audience with unbeatable production versatility and turnaround time.

Tabisa Pupuma

"Excellent in concept design and making the brand come to life. You have helped MLG make our dream a reality, with a touch of elegance. Everyone wants to be associated with our brand. Thank you Ego Design."
Co-founder, Maqoma Legacy Group


Content Architecture

We specialise in the art and science of organising and structuring information for the end user; whether it's for web, app, display, print or video. Simplicity is at the core of our work across all channels.

Brand Strategy

Creating a direction for your brand or realigning your existing strategy takes research and methodical planning. We can help position you most effectively in the market so you can reach out to new audiences.

Art Direction

A catchy advert can only do so much for your business, but what's it really about? What do you want to get out of it? With our help, you can focus your marketing and get maximum impact out of all your communications.

Media Planning

Key events and ad campaigns are the perfect opportunity to stretch creatively into new modes of advertising by making use of the living consumer environment. We can help you deliver your brand to new media and catch the eye of your next buyer.
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